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Meet the Female Entrepreneurs Behind Daily Drills

Written By Kennedy Crichlow

Meet the Female Entrepreneurs Behind Daily Drills

Starting a business can be incredibly intimidating, but what if you could do it alongside your best friend? Female entrepreneurs Kennedy Crichlow (Ken) and Mary Ralph Lawson (Ralph) of Daily Drills would 10/10 recommend. 

In 2020, amid the pandemic, Ken was actively searching for the good in life and decided it was time to take a risk in her career. She’d always dreamed of starting her own clothing line and immediately knew she wanted to do it with her best friend, Ralph. At the time, Ralph was running her own social media agency and had a loyal following on her personal Instagram account, which would create a strong foundation for their brand to build upon. 

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Nervous and excited, the duo each invested $10,000 into what they named Daily Drills and got busy designing activewear. That very first drop included black leggings, black biker shorts, a black sports bra, and a white tee. Little did Ken and Ralph know that those four pieces would soon be an entire lifestyle brand. 

Even after just one drop, it was evident to the female entrepreneurs that their mission of making getting dressed fun had struck a chord with their audiences. Ken and Ralph soon quit their day jobs and have never looked back. Right away, they reinvested the profits from the first collection and got busy thinking about what was next. It became pretty clear that Ken and Ralph enjoyed fashion a whole lot more than they enjoyed working out, thus Daily Drills released their first lounge styles, followed by resort wear. 

The brand has since achieved significant success, hitting 1 million in sales within their first year – a milestone that the co-founders celebrated by getting matching “!” tattoos. What began with two best friends and hundreds of boxes overtaking Ralph’s apartment is now an ever-growing team with a headquarters in Los Angeles. Not to mention, Daily Drills has gained a devoted social following, with customers setting alarms and starting group texts for upcoming drops so they can secure their favorite pieces before they sell out. More than just a brand, Daily Drills is a community of like-minded individuals who share a love of fashion and fun.  

What truly sets Daily Drills apart is the genuine, infectious enthusiasm that Ken and Ralph bring to the brand. Not only are they co-founders of the brand, but they are the sole owners and investors, model each collection themselves, and actively engage with their community of followers on the daily.

Their greatest piece of advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs is to say yes often, but say no enough to make your yes’s count.

“The hardest part about starting a business is saying yes to getting started, so once you do that, you’re already ahead! Know when to say yes, use it wisely, and then mean it 100%.” - Mary Ralph Bradley

So, if you’re a female entrepreneur considering starting your own business, take the leap, say YES, and do it with your best friend.

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