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E-Comm Imagery is Boring – So Daily Drills Doesn’t Do It

Written By Kennedy Crichlow

E-Comm Imagery is Boring – So Daily Drills Doesn’t Do It

By now you’ve probably noticed that all of Daily Drills’ content, from social to product detail, is shot lifestyle. Whether you’re shopping our site or stalking our Instagram, you won’t find white background, traditional, e-comm imagery anywhere – and there’s a reason why. 

The Concept

When Ken and Ralph were in the early stages of building Daily Drills and getting ready to shoot their first collection, they made the intentional decision to abstain from studio imagery and capture the pieces where they envisioned them: outside! Since then, we’ve designed a shoot around every launch that tells the story of the collection, showing how and where we picture our audience actually wearing each piece.

Not only does our lifestyle imagery serve as styling inspiration for our audience, it’s a creative outlet for our team, as well. When designing a new collection, Ken and Ralph immediately start the conversation of where and how they’ll capture the essence of the pieces in a photoshoot. Sometimes it starts with the piece and other times it starts with the place, but the location and style of the shoot always brings the collection full circle. 

The Application

Take our Collegiate Collection, for example. A year prior to the launch of this collection, Daily Drills started popping up all over sorority recruitment in just about every color of the rainbow. Upon seeing this, Ken and Ralph got to work planning their collection for the following summer and wanted to design sets to represent every school and every sorority. Enter: the Collegiate Collection. To emphasize how they envisioned this collection being worn, they planned our most creative shoot yet. 

Our team took to Instagram and sourced four actual college cheerleaders, flew them to Los Angeles, and shot the collection in true collegiate action: in stunts! Plus, having two male cheerleaders let us model the unisex nature of the Oversized Crewnecks, another point that Daily Drills has wanted to drive home. Finally, rather than shooting the cheerleaders in their traditional  environment, we captured it all on the beach in Malibu, to add the classic Daily Drills feel to the imagery. 

The Results 

Not only did the shoot concept convey our vision, but the content earned some of our highest engagement to date, and the day of the drop was our biggest day of sales. And we don’t think that’s a coincidence.

In addition to the story telling aspects, our lifestyle strategy also ensures that the Daily Drills Instagram account remains a fun account to follow, even between drops. Consumers might purchase coffee from Starbucks everyday, but never follow them on Instagram, and Daily Drills proves the opposite. Our audience remains engaged, excited, and connected to our brand, proving that well-executed content can create a community.