Our Story

In 2020, Kennedy Crichlow (Ken) and Mary Ralph Lawson (Ralph), best friends and entrepreneurial spirits, spotted a niche space in the ever-growing leisure industry.

It was obvious to the duo that shoppers were getting more selective with their purchasing decisions and apparel with only one use-case no longer held its appeal for consumers who needed their closets to work harder.

Ken (24) and Ralph (23) soon quit their social media and marketing jobs to give shoppers what they want - pieces made using high-quality fabrics and fashion-forward fits that inspire playfulness and endless styling possibilities.

What started as cardboard boxes of inventory stacked on Ralph's apartment balcony has turned into the easy to love, exciting to style apparel destination that is Daily Drills. It's our goal to liven things up, so whether you hit the city, cruise the coast or chill at home, we make getting dressed fun!