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Every Day is National Best Friends Day at Daily Drills

Written By Kennedy Crichlow

Every Day is National Best Friends Day at Daily Drills

While National Best Friends Day is technically June 8, everyday is a celebration of best friends over here at Daily Drills.

Co-founders Kennedy Crichlow (Ken) and Mary Ralph Bradley (Ralph) originally met through social media almost 10 years ago when they were both collaborating on an Instagram account to share fashion tips and trends. Through mutual friends and interests, they ended up in the same circles after they both moved to LA for college and have been inseparable ever since! Both entrepreneurs at heart, they were constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, finding random ways to work together, and dreaming of the day they could start their own business. 

national best friends day

When 2020 rolled around, Ken shot Ralph a text that it was time to take the leap and put their talents together for real to start a clothing line. Wasting no time, they met 24 hours later, had a business name and logo within a week, and an LLC within a month. Four months, two best friends, and a $10k investment each later, Daily Drills launched its initial collection and became a 7-figure apparel destination before its first birthday. 

“I think the reason Daily Drills was able to come together so fast was 100% because of our friendship. We already liked the same things and could basically read each other's minds, so decision making was pretty easy.” – Ralph

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But Ken and Ralph’s friendship doesn’t begin and end within the office walls. Not only does the duo make a point to lunch together everyday, it’s not rare to find them sipping on an aperol spritz or double-dating with their husbands on the weekends. 

“People always ask us if we ever get tired of each other, but sharing every aspect of our lives just makes everything that much more fun! Even after a full day in the office we still look forward to putting work aside and just enjoying each other’s company” - Ken

mary ralph bradley and kennedy crichlow

When they’re not busy designing new pieces or traveling the world to shoot a new collection, you’ll still find Ken and Ralph together for a long walk along the Palisades Bluffs or a cold plunge off the Malibu coast. 

“The best part about working with your best friend is that you have someone to share everything with – when I feel overwhelmed, Ken is there to take things off my plate and vice versa. Plus it's always more fun to have someone to cheers with when the business succeeds.” - Ralph

Needless to say, Daily Drills doesn’t need a day on the calendar to appreciate and celebrate the bond of best friends – it’s an everyday occurrence. 

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