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& Kennedy Crichlow

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To make getting dressed fun!!!

At Daily Drills, Mary Ralph and Kennedy strive to create wardrobe staples that hit on current trends but surpass seasonality. Their designs are based on real-time audience feedback, removing the barrier between brand and consumer, and adding back excitement into getting dressed!


In 2020, amid the pandemic, best friends Kennedy and Mary Ralph, 24 and 23 at the time, decided it was time to take a risk in their careers and pursue their dream of starting a clothing line. Nervous and excited, the duo each invested $10,000 into what they named Daily Drills and got busy designing activewear. After their very first drop quickly sold out, they each quit their day jobs, and expanded into an entire lifestyle brand, with sport, lounge, and resort collections – never having to invest any additional capital.

Daily Drills earned $1 million in DTC revenue within their first year, $4 million in their second year, and is on track to hit $9 million in 2023.

What began with two best friends and hundreds of boxes overtaking Ralph’s apartment is now an ever-growing team with a headquarters in Los Angeles. Not to mention, Daily Drills has gained a devoted social following, with customers setting alarms and starting group texts for upcoming drops so they can secure their favorite pieces before they sell out. More than just a brand, Daily Drills is a community of like-minded individuals who share a love of fashion and fun.


Inspire young female entrepreneurs through community

Mary Ralph and Kennedy are passionate about investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs. By visiting sorority houses and hosting online masterclasses, the duo invites their audience into the brand building process and provides actionable career advice to get young girls inspired and excited about their professional development.


What truly sets Daily Drills apart is the genuine, infectious enthusiasm that Kennedy and Mary Ralph bring to the brand. Not only are they co-founders of the brand, but they are the sole owners and investors, model each collection themselves, and actively engage with their community of followers on the daily.

Daily Drills has never had to pay for social media or press coverage, as Mary Ralph and Kennedy have built a brand that their audience wants to wear, promote, and root for.

Along with the Co-Founders, the entire Daily Drills team is under 30 years of age.

Mary Ralph Bradley

IG Followers: 107K

Mary Ralph Bradley is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Daily Drills.

A graduate from Pepperdine University, Mary Ralph began her career in social media as a college student when she co-founded her own social media agency called The Social Site. During that time, she worked with brands that she admired, with a focus in fashion and beauty, to increase their social media presence.

Fast forward to her role as Creative Director at Daily Drills, Mary Ralph runs the brand’s social media accounts, conceptualizes and directs all photoshoots and events, and oversees all influencer marketing and PR efforts.

Kennedy Crichlow

IG Followers: 37.1K

Kennedy Crichlow is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Daily Drills. 

After graduating from Loyola Marymount with a degree in Communications, Kennedy worked as a marketing coordinator at a CPG company, while also doing freelance copywriting for brands on the side. Through these experiences, Kennedy gained invaluable marketing and operations experiences and formed relationships with mentors that would later advise her in growing Daily Drills. 

Now, as the Chief Operations Officer at Daily Drills, Kennedy supervises all product production and inventory purchases, manages the company finances, and oversees human resources.

Both Mary Ralph and Kennedy truly love the work they do and created this business out of their shared passion to bring joy into people’s closets and their daily lives, all the while hoping to inspire future brand-builders to take the first step in their own journeys.